Design Your Dining Experience With Our Cobb Grill

Food is one of the best ways to get to know a place. And the food in Mauritius is some of the best you’ll ever taste. With its hypnotic blend of Indian, African and European influences, our island provides the very best opportunities for interactive and intimate dining experiences.

At Sakoa Boutik Hotel, we offer a novel concept, the Cobb Grill Experience, where you can grill your food right at your table. BBQ and fine dining come together in this unique experience which combines the best of both worlds to give you a wonderful time filled with laughter and fun, as well as delicious grilled food, in an atmosphere of your choice. We know there’s a secret chef that lives within all of us.

Cobb Grill by the Pool at Sakoa Boutik Hotel
A cosy setup by the pool for your lunch

Below, we will uncover where, and how to enjoy your unique Cobb Grill Experience.

where is the best place to enjoy your cobb grill experience?

The Cobb cooker is a remarkable piece of equipment that allows you to cook just about anything, anywhere. Expect your table to be adorned with fresh seafood, meat and vegetables, accompanied by a variety of crafted condiments – ready to grill simply by following the instructions of our dedicated team.

A Refreshing Poolside Lunch

Take a break from the midday sun, and make yourself feel right at home beneath a parasol while enjoying laidback lunch.

On The Beach With Your Toes In The Sand

Pick a picturesque sunset on the beach as the setting for the perfect Cobb Grill dining experience. This is a romantic, unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experience. No sunset is ever the same, and the whole experience is centred around you. This is the perfect time to capture a moment that truly belongs to you.

Under The Light Of A Million Stars

Plan a candlelit dinner under the stars, with the sound of the soothing waves caressing the shore, accompanied by the distant sounds of Grand Baie’s colourful and vibrant nightlife.

Nothing beats watching the night sky and seeing the dazzling forms of the glittering galaxy overhead. The pristine night sky of Mauritius, with little to no light pollution to dilute the brilliance of the stars, is one of the most incredible locations to observe the intriguing constellations of the Southern Hemisphere.

what to expect – an exciting menu from our island to your grill

Mauritius’s arable land accounts for almost 40% of the island’s surface; as a result, we are practically self-sufficient in terms of its vegetable crop demands. Mauritius’s local produce markets provide a broad assortment of colourful and fresh fruits and vegetables. Everything we serve is grown and sourced locally to assure quality and freshness.

The island has a resource-rich marine zone of 2.3 million square kilometres. Fishing culture flourishes in the seas around the island, home to thriving aquaculture and seafood processing industry. Local fishermen dock their boats to offload a variety of daily catches.

The first thing to expect before the food even reaches your plate is that it comes from sustainable sources, providing a true taste of our bountiful island from our menu onto your grill.

Design your experience with a mixed grill or surf and turf combo. After all, an authentic Mauritian experience is not complete without a luxury lobster dinner story to take home. Served with rice or its healthier Mediterranean counterpart – bulgar wheat -, a colourful assortment of vegetables and an exciting assortment of condiments to complement – bringing all of the island’s colour, heart and authenticity as our gift to you.

how to take advantage of this spectacular opportunity

At Sakoa, we pride ourselves on the refinement, authenticity and personal value of our guests’ experience. Therefore, guests staying on both half-board or full-board packages will receive a dining credit redeemable toward the Cobb Experience.

Design your perfect dining experience with our unique Cobb Grill –  in the sun or under the stars, beside the pool or with your toes in the sand. Order a bottle of your favourite wine and enjoy a selection of delicious meats, plates of seafood and vegetables ready to be barbecued at the table on an individual cooking grill.

Whether you want to surprise your significant other with a romantic dinner or provide a night full of laughter and interactive dining for your family, our Cobb Grill Experience will deliver unforgettable moments worth capturing. Remember to use the hashtag #sakoacobbexperience to post about your #grillexperience on social media platforms. Reservations can either be made online or at the reception desk upon arrival.

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